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Day 7 - Macarons (by Jaime Carter)


Day 7 - Macarons (by Jaime Carter)


Anita Louise taking a look at Errol Flynn in Green Light (Frank Borzage, 1937)

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got you a bouquet




got you a bouquet


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This place is not what they say it is.

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Mr. Bingley is just what a young man ought to be. Sensible, good humoured…

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In some contexts, described as the shamefulness of seidh magic. In other contexts, this word and its derivatives are usually translated as lust or lewdness, specifically in the sense of sexual receptiveness. “Desirous of penetration”. Men use the word as an insult, accusing a foe of having submitted sexually like a woman. What Loki accuses Odin of is not being “womanish”, but of “args athal” - acting in a sexually receptive way. The context makes it clear that he was working with women’s magic.

In Volsathattr, the term is used to describe the horse’s phallus, which is an overt sexual symbol. Magically its purpose might have been to enable the “luck” or spiritual power of prosperity/fertility to “penetrate” the physical realm.

These references may help us to understand how effeminacy and passive homosexuality became equated with magical power. Effective magic requires the practitioner to unite the powers of the conscious and unconscious, of intelligence and emotion. Upsetting ordinary gender assumptions loosens the psyche and allows one to perceive in a new way. (x)

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i made myself sad while making this gif

look how bucky waited until steve turned away to display his emotions



why do white people think having a confederate flag anywhere on your property screams anything other than “im a blatant racist and slavery was cool”


Dear Ringers and Tolkienites,

I’ve just found out through his owner’s Facebook page that Blanco, better known to all of us as Shadowfax, has passed away. He became very ill in late March and after two weeks at a veterinary hospital for horses, he was finally put to sleep. Cynthia, his owner, who loved him dearly, did all she could and was with him when he went. She is in a very difficult place now, having lost her good friend and having to pay for his medical bills. 

I think it’s safe to say that the Tolkien community has been touched by this beautiful boy. He was everything we imagined Shadowfax to be, and a wonderful friend to Cynthia. She has set up a fundraiser to help pay for his treatment bills, as she’s having trouble financially dealing with other issues. If you have anything to spare, please donate to her, out of love and memory for this beautiful horse, who will live on forever in our hearts. 

Rest Easy, Blanco. Thank You. 

[Show Your Love For Shadowfax fundraiser]

[Cynthia Royal’s Facebook]

[Blanco’s Facebook Fan Page]

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the "total film" facebook page posted the hiddleston/data manip you made and were gushing over its perfection. i saw your old name still there at the top of the image. just thought i'd share that with you! hope you're doing well. :)

aw yay at least someone kept it on. <3

tattooenthusiast replied to your post: oh my god i am so fucking OVER seeing …

Use watermarks in the future

uh. i did. they deleted it…